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Land is unique and irreplaceable. That is why it is imperative for you to hire an experienced attorney to represent your interest when buying, selling or litigating issues regarding your property.

With over 20 years experience in handling real estate issues from simple transfers of interest to complex title litigation, Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC in the Spokane Valley will represent your interest with the highest professional ability.

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The following REAL ESTATE services are offered.
This list is not exhaustive.

Boundary Disputes

Most often, when you buy land you do not have a survey conducted prior to purchase. 99% of the time there is no need to go to that additional expense since the boundary lines are well established by fences, driveways and lawns.

But what if those fences, driveways or lawns are not the correct boundary line? What if you have acreage and you discover someone is driving over your property without permission or the legal right to do so?

Here at Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC, our first suggestion is always to contact the neighbor and try to work out a reasonable solution, a solution that will make our client happy. Often neighbors only wish for a peaceful resolution. However, we also see cases where a peaceful resolution is not possible and a legal solution is required.

Common boundary disputes involve incorrect fence line placement, over hanging trees, neighbors driving across client’s property, fence removal, plowing client’s property and virtually anything you can imagine someone doing to your property without permission or consent.

Certificates of Exemption/Lot line Adjustments

Often neighbors will agree to change a property line by sale or gift. However, merely agreeing to a change does not legally change the property line. At Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC, we will guide you through the lot line adjustment process. Documents need to be filed with county planning. You may need a survey. Once the process is complete with county planning you proceed to the assessor’s office so that property taxes can be calculated and new tax parcel numbers issued. It is also imperative to deed the property to the party receiving the additional land.

If each step is properly completed, you will save yourself future problems, including potential litigation.

Closings – Who is on your side?

When you buy or sell residential or commercial property, who looks out for your interest? The closing office is required to act as a neutral third party that does not specifically represent the interest of either the buyer or the seller. Should a problem arise, the closing office cannot settle the dispute or represent one party’s interest over another.

The purchase or sale of real property is often one of the largest financial transactions we make in our entire lives. It is a smart move to hire Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC to review a pre-closing and closing documents BEFORE YOU SIGN. With over 20 years experience in real estate transactions, we can quickly, efficiently and practically review your documents and advise you on how to proceed to your goal.

Many people do not hire attorneys to review their transactions. A percentage of those people could have avoided many headaches and possible litigation if only they had hired an experienced firm to represent their interests. We offer free initial consultations, so you have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain. Call us today (509) 928-4100 Spokane Valley, Washington.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)

Typically CC&Rs are rules that govern the use of privately developed suburban neighborhoods. The purpose of the CC&Rs is to preserve a uniform, pleasant residential development. Prior to your purchase of property that has CC&Rs, the title report will disclose that fact to you. It is important to read, understand and agree to the terms of your CC&Rs. Having drafted hundreds of such documents, Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC in Spokane Valley, Washington will be happy to review such documents with you and answer your questions.

Deeds – Transferring Property

Whether you are looking to Quit Claim property from one family member to another, transfer property following death or transfer property with a Statutory Warranty Deed, Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC is the law firm that will represent your interest. Along with drafting the deed to transfer the property, we will also draft the required Excise Tax Affidavit and any supplemental gifting affidavits.


Did you know that there are many different types of easements? An easement may be drafted that allows you to access your property, have exclusive use of property or actually become the owner of land (easement by prescription).

The law of easements can be complicated. However, after decades of drafting easements and litigating easements issues, your easement concerns will be explained to you in a manner that is not only comprehensive, but easy to understand.

Homeowner’s Associations

Do you have a question regarding an existing Homeowner’s Association? Are you considering forming a Homeowner’s Association? Please contact Trunkenbolz | Rohr in the Spokane Valley for your free initial consultation at (509) 928-4100.

Lease Reviews – Residential and Commercial

Leases can be long and cumbersome. What is defined on page 3 may not agree with the provisions on page 24. You need an experienced attorney who has reviewed and negotiated numerous residential and commercial leases – someone who knows what is standard in the industry verses what is overreaching. Hire an experienced attorney who will be on your side!

Purchase/Sell Consultations

Purchasing residential or commercial real estate is typically the biggest financial transaction of a person’s life. When it goes smoothly, it is highly rewarding for both the seller and the buyer. But when it goes sour, hundreds of thousands of dollars or more are at stake.

Why not buy peace of mind and use an attorney to review your documents BEFORE you sign them? Do you know what should and should not be on your title report? Do you know the ramifications of the various earnest money provisions in the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement? Most people don’t! Call for an appointment. The initial consultation is free and document review is done on an hourly basis. Not only will your questions be answered by an experienced real estate attorney, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC is on your side!

Real Estate Contracts

Are you considering buying or selling land on a real estate contract? Sometimes that is the best way to sell land while providing an income stream for the seller and allowing the buyer an affordable option. However, since this is not an ‘out-right’ sale, the parties are entwined for many years. Make sure that the provisions in your real estate contract meet your needs by having it drafted by an experienced real estate attorney. Call for your no cost consultation today.

Timber Trespass

Did you know that Washington law allows for treble damages in some timber trespass cases? Did you know that in some instances attorney fees are awarded against the trespasser? Did you know that not only is forest timber covered under these laws, but ornamental trees and shrubs are protected as well? If you have an issue with trees or shrubs and would like to speak with an attorney, please do not hesitate to contact Trunkenbolz | Rohr in the Spokane Valley to discuss your legal issues.

Title to Land

  • Clear Title Do you have an issue with the title to your property? Perhaps you find an unexpected lien or other blemish on the title and you need to speak with an attorney. We have decades of experience working with real property and title issues. Please call for a consultation.
  • Quiet Title Is someone else claiming ownership in your property? Do you need to be placed on the title of property you own but the public record doesn’t reflect that? You need an experienced attorney who is on your side!
  • Title Reviews Once you receive a preliminary title report, you may need someone to interpret it. Are there matters on the report that concern you or that should not be there? More importantly, after you have purchased property are there matters that should be reported that were not? Find out what your legal options are by calling for an appointment today.

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