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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a broad term used to describe arranging for how your estate will be distributed in the event of your death. Wills are typically used to set forth how a person’s property should be disbursed, but in some cases, it may be more appropriate for a person to create a trust to protect his or her assets. Additionally, people can engage in estate planning to set forth their wishes as to the care that they will receive in the future and whether anyone is granted the right to make decisions on their behalf. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney in the Spokane area can advise you on the benefits of each estate planning option and help you select the alternative that best addresses your needs.


The most common instrument used in estate planning is a will. Under Washington law, anyone who is 18 or older who is capable of making decisions can draft a will. The will must be signed by the drafter, in front of at least two witnesses. The witnesses must also sign the will. The testator, who is the person drafting the will, can distribute his or her assets and property in any manner that he or she chooses. Wills also allow parents to dictate who will care for their children in the event of their death. If you have not yet defined how your estate will be handled when you die, we can assist you in developing a will that suits your goals.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a binding agreement that grants a person the right to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of another person. Typically, power of attorney instruments grant decision-making authority to a trusted person in the event that the drafter becomes ill or otherwise incapacitated. Our Spokane estate planning attorney can help clients devise these documents. Under Washington law, a person granted power of attorney may be granted the authority to make health care decisions, buy or sell assets or property, and manage finances. We can discuss the risks and benefits of creating this instrument and its implications for your future.


Probate is the process through which assets and property are gathered and distributed to a person’s beneficiaries after his or her death. Probate is not required in all cases in Washington, regardless of whether the person who died had a will. Probate is typically filed in cases in which the deceased person was the sole owner of real estate or had a significant amount of personal property. The administrator, who is either assigned by the court or designated through the deceased person’s will, will gather the deceased person’s assets, pay any outstanding debts, and distribute any remaining assets. It is important for anyone who may be a beneficiary of a deceased person’s estate to consult a skilled attorney to explain the probate process and how it can affect his or her rights.


A guardianship is similar to a power of attorney in that it allows one person to assume decision-making authority for another person. A guardianship differs from a power of attorney, however, in that it is not granted via an agreement but is sought through legal intervention. Specifically, a person seeking a guardianship in Washington must file a petition, after which the court will analyze whether a guardianship is appropriate. If the court finds that a guardianship is warranted, it may grant a guardianship over a person or estate, or both. If you are concerned that an elderly or incapacitated loved one is at risk for financial, physical, or mental harm, you should speak with a Spokane estate planning lawyer to discuss whether you should establish a guardianship for them.

Real Estate

Deciding to buy or sell real estate is one of the most important decisions that a person can make, and it is vital for anyone entering into a real estate transaction to consult an experienced attorney to help prevent issues from arising during or after the sale. There are numerous problems that can arise during a real estate transaction, such as disputes over boundaries, disagreements over contractual terms, and questions regarding the validity of prior transfers of title. If you are considering buying, selling, or leasing property, a real estate attorney can assist you in drafting any necessary contracts and addressing any issues regarding the transfer of the property.

Business Law

Owning and operating your own business is a rewarding venture, but business owners face greater risks and must consider more issues than people who work for someone else. If you are considering starting a business, our business law attorneys can help you determine the corporate form most appropriate to meet your needs. We can also help limit your liability and protect your business’ information and assets through non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Unfortunately, even business owners who plan carefully and actively work to limit their liability may find themselves in a situation that requires them to retain an attorney to protect their rights. Regardless of whether you wish to take steps to mitigate exposure for your business or need assistance in pursuing or defending against business litigation, you should retain a proficient attorney to assist you.


While in many cases, it is better for the parties involved in a dispute to come to a resolution without legal intervention, litigation sometimes becomes unavoidable. Whether you are filing a lawsuit to recover compensation or protect your rights, or defending against an action pursued by someone else, it is critical to retain an attorney who is adept at navigating the Washington court system and will forcefully advocate on your behalf. Ms. Rohr has ample experience pursuing and defending against claims in the Washington courts. She can develop a strategy to set forth a strong argument for your position.

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