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Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC is conveniently located in the Spokane Valley. We represent many local and national businesses and currently accept new business clients. Whether you have a start up, an on going enterprise or are looking to sell or wind-down your business, call to make an appointment with an experienced business law attorney. (509)928-4100


Starting a business can be an exciting and sometimes frustrating venture. Choosing the correct entity is crucial. During a no-cost initial consultation, you will speak with a skilled attorney to discuss the details of your business. You will be given advice on how to proceed, including which entity is best for you, what licensing is required and an explanation of legal documents that will keep your business running smoothly for years to come.


Even the owners of the smoothest running businesses have questions and need help from time to time. Whether it is an issue with an employee or the need to negotiate a commercial lease for real property, every business should have an attorney that they can turn to for quick, precise legal advice. Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC knows what it means to run a business and how important it is for business owners to receive resolutions to issues. If we accept your business as a client, you will have access to an experienced business law attorney who will have your best interest in mind. Do not guess at what the correct legal course of action for your business should be.


One of the most difficult decisions that any business owner has to make is whether or not to initiate a law suit or how to defend a law suit. Business owners want to know whether their personal assets will be at risk, the extent of potential liability or recovery, and how long it will take to resolve the suit. The best thing any business owner can do in this situation is to hire an attorney that can advise them not only on business law matters, but also knows their way around the court room. Attorney Pamela H. Rohr has been practicing law and working in federal and state court cases since 1990 and has a proven record in both suing and defending business law matters on behalf of her clients. Do not wait until matters escalate, call now for the legal advice you need.


Selling a business should be simple and straight forward, and sometimes it is. Even with the simplest sales, you need to know that all of the transfers are properly made and that following the sale you do not have any worries about receiving payment or continuing liability. Call for a free consultation to insure that the sale of your business is a complete sale that will not cause you problems in the future.


Once you have found a business that you want to buy, it is time to see an attorney. After all, you want to buy a business, not a headache. There are numerous considerations when buying a business from the simple question of whether the lease is transferable to whether you are going to continue the entity as it is or form a new corporation. At Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC we will make sure that you are buying the business you want. (509) 928-4100


Sometimes a business owner wants to close a business down instead of sell it. Depending on the type of business entity, various matters require compliance before the business is shuttered. A business owner does not want to simply discontinue business without making sure that future liabilities will not haunt the business owner. At Trunkenbolz | Rohr PLLC we work with you to make sure that all of the loose ends are tied up so that business owners do not have to be looking over their shoulders worrying about surprises in the future.

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